What Marketers and Business Owners Need to Know About Instagram Right Now

If you’re using Instagram to build awareness for your business it’s important to continue learning about what’s working, what’s trending, and what is no longer effective. Changes are happening regularly. Instagram continues to make updates and release new features. And our behaviors as content consumers changes. So inevitably, over time we all have to adjust our strategies to keep up a successful Instagram strategy.

In this episode of The Social Sip, I break down 3 key areas you want to know about if you’re using Instagram with business in mind.


The Social Sip – Episode 6 



Here’s what you can look forward to in the episode…

6:30 – The 3 most useful free places to continue learning about Instagram from me.

8:38 – What’s up with the Instagram algorithm.

9:45 – Three suggestions to get more people engaging with your Instagram content.

14:15 – The most important factors you need to consider when using Instagram Stories.

17:50 – Simple and efficient ways to keep up with engagement to create a more loyal community.

23:00 – What to focus on first if you’re new to Instagram marketing.

24:20 – How to balance personal and business content.

26:30 – My picks of the week including a podcast, book, and thing I got in the mail.


Tools, Resources, Events, and Cool Shit I Shared

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Social Media Class: Instagram Stories Class

Watch me on CreativeLIVE

Podcast of the week: My latest interview with Social Media Examiner about Instagram Stories and Highlights

Book of the week: Leaders Eat Last – Why Some Teams Pull Together And Others Don’t by Simon Sinek

Things I got in the mail: Bee USB drive and Emoji Easter Eggs