A coaching program dedicated to helping you become the go-to authority in your industry and generate consistent leads and sales using Instagram.

Grow your business with the most advanced Instagram marketing and selling strategies - with the accountability and support you need to finally execute.

By the end of this program,
you will have…

No trouble getting potential leads to take action with you on Instagram

An elevator-pitch quality profile that establishes you as the authority in your own your niche

A content strategy that speaks to your target audience and saves you time so you never second-guess the content you create

Executed on a simple, tested process to finally get ahead and not be a slave to your social media calendar

Skills that you can apply forever in your business - for easily creating well thought out promotions and posts without sweating it

Advanced tactics that we’ve used to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue (we haven’t shared these with anyone outside of PRO)

The tools to make quick decisions for your business with the help of Instagram insights, so you can stop throwing posts out there hoping they stick

Our step-by-step Paid Advertising strategy, so you never gamble with your marketing budget or throw away your well-earned cash

AND you’ll have confidence and certainty to implement Instagram marketing strategies powerfully

We know you CAN market your business on Instagram with consistency WITHOUT overwhelm - and we can teach you how in PRO.


If your application is approved, you and Sue B. will explore together on a private interview call whether or not you are a good fit for PRO.


You are welcomed into the program with an onboarding call, where you'll get clear on how the program works and set a plan of action. After, you'll jumpstart your results with our video trainings, live chat support and group calls so you gain massive confidence in your Instagram strategy. 


As an Instagram PRO, you’ll have consistent leads and sales coming in daily, and peace and calm in your business and life. You'll have a thriving business and time to focus on what matters.


This program is application only, to ensure that only those who are committed and ready to see results receive our specialized attention and resources. 

Growth happens outside of your comfort zone. We’ve done ALL the work to save you years of time building and testing new strategies. All you have to do is show up.


from our members

"I'm obsessed with my feed, it's beautiful and I didn't know how to do that before."

"...PRO has showed me not only how to be consistent but how to really bring beauty..."

-Emily Woodward

"I now have over 500 followers... paying customers..."

"...those are 500 paying customers, those are 500 real followers that are engaging with me daily..."

 - Claudia Guardado

What life looks like with a


that works for you…



from our members

“The number one thing I've gotten from PRO and there's still so much more...”

“I've been able to have some of the most powerful business collaborations...”

- Riva Robinson

“It was just what I needed at just the right time...”

“[Sue B.] helps you promote your business, your followers, and provide valuable content...her team is there for you and they answer your questions graciously.”

-Catherine Harrison


The Ready Set Gram PRO Experience Includes:
While a PRO member, you will have access to both private and group coaching with the SBZ Team.


Weekly Live Group Calls
As a PRO member, you'll have an invite to our weekly live Q/A Call, hosted by 2 SBZ Team members. These calls allow you to get face to face time with the team and the PRO community, gain feedback and insight and make strategic decisions and brainstorm techniques. Calls can cover anything and everything involved in Instagram marketing and small business development.

Program On-boarding:
Before you even start with the course material, we want to ensure that you are prepared, clear on your goals, and have a defined path to success. Your Small Group On-boarding Call with my team (the brilliant ladies who I trust with my social and promotion strategy!). They will personally guide you through the program and introduce the PRO Roadmap so you can set a customized plan for your time in the program - so you are NEVER left questioning what to do.


Private Slack Community:
PRO members have the highest level of attention and access inside of the private PRO Slack, a real-time messaging platform. This is where the hard work gets done. You have a direct private line to me and my team. You can send questions, files, posts, videos, all for our feedback. If you don't know what it is or how to use it yet - don't worry, we'll arm you with the info you need!

PRO Course Roadmap:
When you sign onto PRO, access the Course Roadmap so you never wonder of “Am I doing this right?” or “Did I miss something?”. The PRO Roadmap guides you through each phase of the program so you can be completely confident that you’ve taken the right actions and haven’t missed a single juicy strategy.


Included Planable Membership:
Planable is a social media collaboration platform that allows you to create, schedule, discuss, and plan social media posts. A gift from us, Planable is free to you during your time in PRO. On top of the free membership, The SBZ Team will collaborate with you and give advice right within the app to help you nail your Instagram™ strategy.

PRO Course Modules:
PRO members have lifetime access the Advanced PRO modules, equipping you with next level Instagram marketing strategy for your business. Learn everything from content optimization in the neighborhoods, paid advertising, sales and Direct Message strategies, and more.

Phase 1: Plan Your Strategy

In this phase of the program, you will lay the foundation for the true growth you desire on Instagram. You will get clear on your ideal client, your branding and content strategy. You'll learn from your fearless leader, Sue B. and team, as well as SBZ’s own business coach, A.J. Amyx.

Phase 2: Create Compelling Content

Imagine never worrying about what you have to post today, tomorrow, or the next day and still putting consistent, high-quality content out (that’s the dream right!). In this lesson, you’ll learn how to batch collect, create, and schedule your content for Instagram. We’ll share the best practices for getting ahead, posting in the feed, and teach you how to be comfortable on video, so you can confidently use video to build trust with your audience faster. 

Phase 3: Grow Your List

Are you getting your followers to subscribe to your list? Do you even have an email list? Learn the basics of email marketing and how to attract leads. We’ll teach you how to create and promote a lead magnet to tactfully direct followers to become subscribers.

Phase 4: Engage Your Community

In the engage phase, you will earn how to strategically engage with current and future followers in all the neighborhoods so you are regularly attracting new followers and buyers. You will be introduced to our suggestion for your first sales funnel and start using direct messages more regularly for client communication.

Phase 5: Expand Your Reach

In this phase, you’ll work to expand your reach in all the neighborhoods by using our most advanced design and content creation tactics. You’ll have a clear understanding of what kind of content goes where, have templates to easily build compelling Stories, and create highlights that are worthy of being on your profile. In addition, you’ll learn our method building authority with social proof by collecting and presenting testimonials in all the neighborhoods.

Phase 6: Launching on Instagram

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to sell on Instagram in a natural, branded, and strategic way. You'll learn all the components of a digital marketing launch and how to keep it all organized. We’ll share our best launch content strategies to implement in all the neighborhoods to connect with and convert followers. 

PHASE 7: Scale Your Business

After generating hundreds of thousands in revenue for SBZ with ads - we’re letting you in on our strategy in this lesson. From pixels, to creative, to audience targeting - this course within a course will give you EVERY step to take to implement paid ads for your business. Ever wondered the difference between a boosted post and an ad? We’ve got your most asked questions answered so you can start scaling your Instagram audience outside your current followers and organic reach.


Along with all the detailed video trainings, throughout the program we’ve included downloadable resources, that are meant to save you MASSIVE amount of time and give you shortcuts when creating content for Instagram. Also included in the program are many special offers and discounts for software and tools that will make executing your Instagram strategy simpler and easier. 

Updates Forum:
Consider this your LIFETIME direct line to my reactions, feedback, and strategy for the constant flood of Instagram updates and how to implement them strategically - or not! This private forum is where I post the latest Instagram news - and is only accessible to PRO users.


You’ll never wake up feeling the dread of online marketing and Instagram posting ever again.

You’ll have the space to breathe and work in your zone of genius.


from our members

"I'm a believer now that you can use Instagram to grow your business..."

"...I got 2 new clients worth hundreds of dollars...I got a referral that has turned into a consulting client worth thousands of dollars."

- Nikki Bradley



An efficient and accessible advanced course on Instagram marketing - exposing tried and true techniques and processes we’ve used to build our massively profitable business + team of 10.

Downloadable resources, special offers, checklists, and downloads to help make smart changes happen on your account faster.

Access to the Updates forum, so know if you should implement a strategy for a new update or when it’s a waste of time.

Unmatched private access to Sue B. and her team in the program’s Slack community, where you can get both individualized attention and support from a tribe.

Weekly Live Group Q/A calls for hands-on assistance and a virtual pick me up from people who care about you and the success of your business


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