Grow your Business Today


SEPT 20th, 2014

8:30-4PM #STYSBoston
  • John Jantsch


  • Nathan Latka


  • Jeff Zupancic

    Book Coach

  • Karen Yankovich

    LinkedIn Expert

  • Kelly Ann Petrucci

    Paleo Food Expert

  • Kendall Covitz

    Yoga Instructor

  • Kim D'Eramo, M.D

    Holistic Physician

  • Lou Bortone

    YouTube Expert

  • Dawn Brolin

    Certified public accountant

  • Patty Lennon

    Crowdfunding Coach

  • Rachel Luna

    Certified Professional

  • Rena Hedeman

    Certified Life Coach

  • Sue Giuher

    Book Yourself
    Solid Coach

  • Liane Caruso

    Marketing Consultant

  • Chris Brogan

    Marketing Consultant

  • Rachel Rodgers


Sail to Your Success


This even includes 2 Keynotes and 4 Workshop topics

that will help you take your business to the next level.

15 Experts ready to help your business set sail

Sail to your Success is a one-day live event hosted by Sue B. Zimmerman. We're gonna teach you everything you need to know in order to grow, expand and attract boatloads of clients.

So if you're more settler than sailor? This is not for you.

Because we are 110% committed to giving you the exact tools, resources and strategies you need in order to thrive. We'll break it down simple steps and essentials so that you won't drown in useless information. Plus: We'll make sure there's plenty of wind in your sails and that you're all set for sustainable long-term success.


20th, 2014


We've found highly skilled experts and keynote speaker who will share all their secrets with you.

Looking for inspiration in all of the wrong places?

Come to Sail to Your Success 2014 and hear from leaders that boost your spirits and get you on the path to business success.

  • Social Media

    • Fall in Love with Twitter
    • Establish yourself as an expert on Linked In
    • Learn YouTube Video Marketing
    • Use Instagram Marketing for your Business
  • Business Development

    • Use Technologies for your Business
    • Crowdfunding to create your own Live Event
    • Get more visibility through writing and publishing your own book
  • Health and Wellness

    • Boost your confidence and energy
    • Maintain the focus you need to grow and thrive
    • Build a healthy foundation to fuel the brain behind your business
  • Personal Development

    • How to overcome your major blocks of fear
    • Connect passion and purpose to create big profit
    • Reignite the flame that drives your success

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