Rapid Fire Tips to Selling on Instagram 2019

Are you ready? I’m going to give you rapid fire tips to selling on Instagram so you can crush your Instagram sales goals. Things on Instagram feel like they’re constantly changing, and people are always asking me for the best tips and tricks. How often should I sell on Instagram? What’s the best way to make my account more discoverable? I’ve heard it all. I’ve got you covered. In this blog post I’m answering 26 frequently asked questions that will help you save time, foster stronger relationships and grow your brand.

#1 What is your number one Instagram tip for selling a product?

It’s all about the hashtags! Specifically, your branded hashtag. When you create a unique hashtag to promote your business or product, you can encourage your followers to also share it. Before you know it, you’ll have a ton of user-generated-content that you can reshare or engage with. If you’re looking for some hashtag inspiration, check out one of my favorite brands, Drybar.   The Drybar’s uses the brand’s signature yellow accents and vibrant tones in its Instagram feed.  

#2 What about selling services on Instagram?

It might seem obvious, but think about the ways that your coaching services, or whatever it is that you offer, are unique from your competition. Then consider how you can creatively illustrate these differences. Your followers are seeing a ton of other Instagram accounts, give them a reason to remember you.

#3 What is your favorite sticker to use in Instagram Stories?

Without a doubt it’s the new countdown sticker. I’ve mentioned it before, but creating a sense of urgency is one of the best ways to encourage people to take action. The countdown sticker helps to build buzz for your followers. Just look at how much energy Marie Forleo brought to her final B School countdown!   Marie Forleo shares an Instagram Story celebrating the end of her B-School promotion.  

#4 Do I need to be on camera in Instagram Stories?

Not necessarily. But, I will say, when people see your face and connect with your personality they’re more likely to trust you. People want to know the personality behind your brand. They’re not just buying your product or service, they’re helping you grow your business.

#5 How many Instagram Stories should I post at a time?

It’s not all about quantity, focus on quality. It’s obvious to your followers if you’re sharing for the sake of sharing. Focus on one great story. What about this Instagram Story will make your followers remember it? Will your Instagram Story inspire them to come back and check out more of your content? If you’re new to Instagram, it will take time to figure out how often you should share Instagram Stories. That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye on your analytics.   Sue B Zimmerman shares her backend Instagram analytics.  

#6 What is your favorite emoji to use in Instagram Stories?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite emoji. Focus more on the content you’re sharing, and pick an emoji that matches your photo or video. Even when you use an emoji subtly, like Lauren Conrad did here, it can be really effective.   Lauren Conrad shares an Instagram Story featuring a heart emoji.  

#7 How can I keep people’s attention throughout an Instagram Story?

Lately I’ve been using the app Continual so my Instagram Stories will play one after the other.

#8 How often should I “sell” on Instagram?

In the feed I suggest two times a month max. If your followers feel like you’re always pushing a sales pitch, they’ll stop engaging with your content. Worse, they’ll unfollow you. Instagram Stories is more forgiving. You can sell on a more regular basis. But just like on your Instagram feed, make sure that your sales content fits in with your overall brand aesthetic. Selling too hard won’t help you reach your sales goals, it’ll just make people want to mute you.

#9 How should I use Instagram Highlights to sell a product?

Try creating a resource or tip in Instagram Highlights. You can even share a special offer. Whatever approach you choose to take, remember to serve not sell. Need some inspiration? Check out Popsockets Instagram Highlights.   Popsockets Instagram Highlights at the top of their Instagram feed.  

#10 How about services? Can I sell those in Instagram Highlights?

Of course, Instagram Highlights are an especially great tool for brands that offer services. Try sharing before/after photos or videos. If there’s one good way to build trust with your followers, it’s by showing them the results. You can also show off the more unique aspects of your business, just like WeWork highlights their flexible offices spaces around the world.   WeWork’s Instagram Highlights at the top of their Instagram feed.  

#11 Should I delete old posts?

No, I suggest archiving them. After all, you went through all that trouble to craft the content. If you archive it, you can refer back to it later.

#12 What do you think of Instagram Direct Message groups?

One word: love! Instagram Direct Message groups are a fantastic way to build strong micro-communities. The followers in your groups will love the more intimate conversations, and you can get to know your followers better. It’s a win-win for everyone.   Sue B Zimmerman shares a message from her Hive Direct Message group.  

#13 How many people can be in an Instagram Direct Message group?

32 people. It used to be 15, thanks Instagram! Just remember, ask people before you add them to your Instagram Direct Message group.

#14 How can I use links?

You can have one link in your bio, unless you use a tool like Linktr.ee – it offers a workaround of sorts.  That’s exactly what Amanda Hedgepeth, a photographer and blogger, uses to nudge people to her blog. Links are also available in Instagram Direct Message, another reason to love micro-communities.   Amanda Hedgepeth’s Instagram bio link includes Linktree.  

#15 What’s the best way to sell on camera?

Without a doubt it’s Instagram Stories. They’re engaging, creative and people can’t get enough. Add creative elements, like the hashtag sticker or geotag, to make your Instagram Stories even more discoverable.   Sue B Zimmerman shares an Instagram Story sharing the results of her poll.  

#16 How often should I go live on Instagram?

Just like sharing Instagram Stories, I don’t recommend going live for the sake of going live. But Instagram Live is really useful when you need to amplify high-level content, especially content you’ve spent a lot of time creating. If you have a really unique product or service, like Linda Miller Nicholson’s colorful pasta art, Instagram Live is also a great way to connect with your followers in a more dynamic way. When you see comments rolling in live, you can speak directly to the camera and continue the conversation.   Linda Miller shares an Instagram Live highlighting one of her colorful pasta recipes.  

#17 What’s the deal with IGTV? Should I be on it?

Short answer: Yes. IGTV is a great opportunity to experiment with high-quality, long-form videos. Brands of all sizes are already actively experimenting with IGTV. I’m planning on having a stronger IGTV strategy in 2019, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Another plus to IGTV – it has a unique URL. That means you can share your video on other social platforms. That’s more chances to share, and more opportunities for your content to be seen.   Sue B Zimmerman shares an IGTV episode.

#18 What is the number one Instagram bio tip to grow my following?

Think about the keywords in your subtitle. Do they accurately reflect what your brand offers or sells? People use keywords to find content on Instagram, so you need to make sure that your keywords are always on point. Check out The Home Edit uses keywords to not only explain what they do, but also the cities where their services are offered.   The Home Edit’s Instagram bio highlights their services, location and a call-to-action.  

#19 Should I leave my call-to-action in my Instagram bio the same? Or should I change it regularly?

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your call-to-action. Change it out depending on what you’re promoting or selling. Not seeing the traction that you were hoping for? Try a different call-to-action. It might take a few tries before you come up with a call-to-action that gets your followers attention.

#20 Should I use more than one hashtag in my Instagram bio?

Nope. More than one hashtag in your bio will take people away from your account. They could also be confused about which hashtag is unique to your business, and which one they should use to contribute user-generated-content. Not sure how to encourage your followers to share more user-generated-content? Take a look at how The Every Girl uses their branded hashtag as part of their call-to-action.   The Every Girl’s Instagram bio includes their branded hashtag, #TheEveryGirl.  

#21 How do you create new content all the time?

I ask my followers! Seriously. I use surveys and Instagram polls to ask my followers which content they want. If I’m not creating content that my followers like, then why would they want to engage with me?   Sue B Zimmerman shares an Instagram Stories poll asking her followers for feedback.  

#22 How far ahead do you plan your Instagram feed?

About a week in advance. That gives me time to make sure I’m sharing consistently, and ensures my posts still feel timely and responsive to my followers’ feedback. Having a strong Instagram marketing strategy is about more than sharing beautiful images, it’s about being intentional about what you post.

#23 Do you plan your Instagram Stories?

Of course! I have a ten minute call every morning with my team to discuss the Instagram Story I plan to share that day.

#24 What is your favorite outside app for Instagram content?

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you probably know. That’s right, it’s Planoly. Hands down. As a visual person, I love how easy it is to see my scheduled Instagram posts. Plus, Planoly makes it really easy to curate your content. Forget, digging around trying to find your photo or video when it’s time to post.

#25 What is the best way to get more followers?

Show up as your true authentic self. If you give value and take the time to have real conversations with your followers, people will realize that you’re worth following.

#26 Should I use product tags?

Yes, absolutely! Shoppable posts are one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your sales on Instagram. That’s exactly what Sunski does on their feed.   Sunski uses a shoppable post in their feed featuring their sunglasses.  

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